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Over the past few years, there have been huge advancements in our understanding of what intelligence is. Discoveries have happened at both the micro level – the smallest possible scale studying the individual components of a mind – and on the macro level – large scale intelligence composed of multiple living organisms. The micro level […]

Updated Online Brokerage Comparison

I decided to do an updated online stock broker comparison. Questrade still comes out on top but TD Ameritrade is really starting to get it’s act together.

Corrupted Memory Card

I just got back yesterday from a trip to Portugal and Spain – absolutely amazing trip. One of the digital cameras we brought, a Samsung PL 100, somehow the memory card got corrupted. I’ve spent the majority of the evening trying some tools to try to recover the images. Looking at the memory card directly […]

Fail: Using a 40″ 1080p LCD TV as a Monitor

For a while I was trying to use a 40″ 1080p LCD TV as a monitor. I thought that this was going to be fantastic – it was going to be like having 4 20″ monitors side by side. My productivity was going to increase. Cutting and pasting between different documents and work environments was […]