This website is essentially just a business card for Robin Chahal.  The intention of the site is to manage Robin’s “online identity”, whatever that really means.

From a professional standpoint, this site provides more information for people who have interacted with Robin and want to know more on his background.  For example, if you met Robin, chatted with him for 30 seconds, and he gave you his business card, you might find this website useful.

From a personal standpoint, this site provides a means for people who are less socially inclined to get to know Robin on a more personal level.  Translation:  if you’re the techi geek sitting in the corner, you may feel more comfortable getting to know someone by reading their website as opposed to actually talking to them.  That’s fine.  That’s why the site is here.  🙂

Possible combinations of my names for search engines:  Robin Chahal, Robinder Chahal, Robin William Chahal, Robinder William Chahal, Robin W. Chahal, Robinder W. Chahal, Robin W.S. Chahal,  Robinder W.S. Chahal, Robin William Singh Chahal, Robinder William Singh Chahal, R. Chahal, R.W. Chahal, R.W.S. Chahal, R.W.S.C.